LOFTS @ CHEROKEE STUDIOS; LA’s FIRST Green Live/Work Lofts (Part 2/5)

Showcase Loft #1: 

This showcase loft is dedicated to Alice Cooper, King of Shock Rock.  His lyrics include lots of references to blood, sweat, nightmares pain, torture, and death.  The Dennis Design Group has definitely complement goth rock elements with green design for this installation.  As I step upstairs from the entry way there were whips and chains in the bondage room.  I felt a bit sweaty as I entered the bondage room upstairs.  Of all the open houses I've seen in my entire career of real estate, I had never seen a loft that came with a bondage room. I think it's a very creative way of using the usual office space area. 

Downstairs on the left of the entry way is the Master Suite which consists of an oversized chandelier gleaming down to an oversized striking bed (Cisco Brothers).  Dennis uses bright and bold hues of purple for the padded walls (by Rags, fabric by Diamond Fabric) and window treatment (Heritage Drapery).  The bathroom adjacent to the bedroom was extremely disturbing with blood bags, chains, and evil lyrics of Alice Cooper which complements the nightmare and torture sensation of his music.    Perhaps Mr. Cooper may find this bathroom inviting as he writes his music on the walls while bathe in blood. 

In the living room area, the textured snake spanning the entire wall is made of snake fabric donated by Diamond fabric.  The snake is studded with nails showing elements of evil and hardcore nightmare materials.  There were also many authentic furnishing and pieces from Alice Cooper himself. 

As for the green elements of this showcase loft, Dennis collaborated with sustainable landscape designer Selena from BIG RED SUN in Venice, who ornamented all the green plants in the patio area of the loft.  Selena uses colorful and vibrant California native plants and foliage to beautify the space.   Dennis also uses sustainable furnishings and rugs from Cisco Brothers, vintage pieces from Retropia, fine furniture’s made by Bausman, and the stone mantle from Francois, which is built to last for hundreds of years.  


I was impressed to find out that Lori and her group had designed and executed this installation just 10 minutes prior to the showcase.  Though there were some challenges such as installing the mantel and welding the staircase, the Dennis Design Group has definitely executed a successful 24- hour design.  “We hope our design and the redesign of the lofts inspires good music to be made, played and enjoyed for many, many years to come”, says Lori.  “Be good to each other, be good to our planet- be green.”





Be Green, Be Gorgeous!

Your Green Realtor,


May Hsu


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