LIVEESP.COM help consumers build a food safe and non toxic lifestyle in the kitchen & on-the-go is a new and innovative website dedicated to helping people learn about hazardous chemicals, make healthier decisions, and purchase non-toxic products for a safer and chemical-free lifestyle in the kitchen and on-the-go.


Essential Safe Products (ESP) announced today the launch of, an online resource where consumers can learn about harmful chemicals and shop for
food-safe and non-toxic products for a healthier lifestyle.

The goal of is to be a one-stop, easy and friendly resource for those looking to learn about and lead a non-toxic lifestyle in the kitchen and on-the-go. has worked hard towards this goal by creating a shopping section of their site where consumers can purchase food safe and non-toxic products including safe cookware and bpa free bottles and a learning section where they can learn about hazardous chemicals and find tips and tricks on how to avoid these harmful toxins.

We proudly offer kitchen and on-the-go products that
are free of BPA, Phthalates, PFCs, and other harmful chemicals to the
human body. Before choosing products for, we make sure they
are non toxic and free of hazardous chemicals so you don’t have to think
twice about whether or not your food and drink are safe! Plus we work
diligently to provide you with a wealth of information and tips about
hazardous chemicals and how to avoid them
,” says Hannah Masimore,
President of ESP

ESP was started by Susan Masimore, a mother of six who has always been dedicated to providing a healthy and safe environment for her family. When she learned about the dangers of hazardous chemicals in water bottles and kitchen products from a close friend, she immediately began to make non-toxic changes in her home.

I was out to lunch with one of my girlfriends when the conversation topics switched to our kids and what they were packing for lunch. When she heard I was
putting plastic water bottles in their lunchboxes, she looked at me with a concerned look on her face and asked ‘Why?’
” explains Susan. “She then began to tell me about the dangers of BPA and other harmful chemicals prevalent in many kitchen and on-the-go products. That’s when I started our kitchen overhaul and knew I wanted to share with others what my friend taught me.

While learning and looking for safer products, Susan was faced with the challenge of finding a company where she could both learn about hazardous chemicals and purchase non toxic products all on one site. Knowing there must be others out there who are also looking for an easier and more convenient place to learn and shop, Susan decided to take action. After months of hard work and research, was born.

“I feel as though everyone wants to be healthy and
live a healthy lifestyle but that they just don’t know where to start. I
believe changes can start in the kitchen, and that’s the message I hope
ESP helps deliver
,” says Susan. Hannah emphasizes, “Whether it’s
switching to all non-toxic kitchenware and safe cookware or starting
with smaller steps by choosing bpa free bottles, we at ESP are here to

We want ESP to be a place where people can feel encouraged and excited to make positive changes in their life and the lives of those around them—no matter how big or small those changes may be.’s motto “Live ESP. Learn ESP. Love ESP.” consists of three main concepts that provide a framework for the site:

  • Live ESP: The “Shop” section of the site is a place for consumers of all
    ages to purchase food safe and non-toxic kitchenware and on-the-go products.
    ESP has cookware, bakeware, tableware, food storage, cook’s tools, kitchen
    accessories, and on-the-go products to help others at any step in their
    lifestyle changes.

  • Learn ESP: The “Learn” section of the site is filled with information on
    harmful chemicals, industry updates, tips and tricks and more valuable
    information for readers and shoppers as they learn about and make changes
    towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • Love ESP: The A Cup of ESP blog, Facebook and Twitter pages are a great
    place to stay connected with ESP and share with others the love for a
    healthy and non-toxic lifestyle.


About Live ESP:
is a website dedicated to encouraging and helping people learn about hazardous chemicals and make healthier decisions for a safer and non-toxic lifestyle in
the kitchen and on-the-go. is a user-friendly and informative site where people can both learn about the dangers of harmful chemicals and purchase products that are
non-toxic and human safe. Through ESP, founder Susan Masimore and her oldest daughter Hannah hope to have a positive impact in the lives of others.
was founded in 2011 in Plantation, Florida.


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