Live Earth “Love, The Climate” Giveaway

Show your love. Share your creativity.

Skipping traditional “gloom and doom” awareness campaigns, Live Earth is giving the environment a voice this fall with “Love, The Climate.”

Imagine the climate were happy and healthy and had a voice, what would it say? What message would it send to us from its bright future? Now you can lend your voice to the environment. With senators back at work, the climate is about to be back in the limelight. Before the Climate Bill goes to the floor of the Senate, Live Earth calls upon you to join in its fun, positive and mind-changing “Love, The Climate” Campaign.

       Live Earth “Love, The Climate” Giveaway

Demonstrate your optimism and faith. Make senators feel like rock stars. Encourage and motivate them to support a greener future. Be funny, enthusiastic and creative. Thank our senators for creating a world full of green jobs and renewable energy; say goodbye to gas-guzzling clunkers and polluting coal power plants.

Ways to participate:

  • Leave us a voicemail thanking a senator for improving the world and letting everyone know how much you love the climate. Call 347.422.6392 now to leave your message on the Live Earth message line (this is not a toll-free number) or go to and we’ll call you! Live Earth will highlight the best voicemails on our website and forward the best ones to the senators to whom they’re addressed.
  • Add to the “Love, The Climate” Facebook Page  with a note, a message, a photo, or a link to content that shows how fantastic the climate will be after senators have taken action by passing the Climate Bill.
  • Make a video for the climate demonstrating to senators how amazing life has become in a future where the environment is protected. Sing them a song, read a love sonnet, speak for the trees in costume, let the whales do the talking! Submit your video at Live Earth will promote the most creative entries, and forward the best videos to the senators to whom they’re addressed. Check out the announcement video here:  and view Shira Lazar’s inspired contribution here:

Your creativity can help you as well as the climate: all participants who register for the campaign will be entered into random drawings to win one of our awesome “Climate Love Packs” or the grand prize of a Schwinn 2010 World NX7. Please join in from September 15th through September 25th, 2009! In order to be eligible for the prize drawings, you must submit an entry form to Live Earth at:

*Contest rules available here:

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