Little Feet Coffee, Coffee With A Kick

Little Feet Coffee is scoring big with coffee lovers and soccer players across Southern California

An airline pilot’s impulsive gesture of giving away “one” soccer ball has evolved into a coffee company that’s making a big impact and not just here in the US.  Whole Foods Markets and Mother’s Markets throughout Southern California have now picked up little Feet Coffee, the ‘coffee with a kick’ and are having a hard time keeping it stocked on their shelves.


         In 1999, Trevor Slavick, an airline pilot, gave away a soccer ball to a 10-year-old boy who was shining shoes at the San Pedro Sula Airport in Honduras.   This gesture was the start of Little Feet, a socially conscious company that has now donated over 70,000 soccer balls to children in poverty around the world.  (

In March of 2008, on a Little Feet trip to Las Capucas, Honduras, Slavick came across kids playing soccer with burlap coffee sacks.  When he found out why, he wanted to help.

“In the US, we drink over 300 million cups of coffee per day,” Slavick said.  “Of the $2 average price per cup, less than a penny goes to the farmer who grew it.  It’s no wonder why their kids are playing soccer with coffee sacks instead of a real ball.  This needs to change.” 

         The Little Feet Coffee Company pays the farmers directly at a fair price determined by the farmers themselves and offers the farmers profit sharing on all their sales; both are a first in the industry. 

A portion of the proceeds are also allocated to the soccer loving kids of Las Capucas by providing them with the proper equipment and coaching.  There are over 300 kids in the soccer program now; each with a new ball of their own, and this summer Little Feet Coffee will begin building a new soccer field in the community.  

The support so far has afforded Little Feet Coffee the opportunity to add a second cooperative from Rwanda, which it will announce later this year.

Little Feet Coffee is certified Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, and USDA Organic.

You can support Little Feet Coffee by signing up for recurring delivery at or by visiting Whole Foods Markets and Mother’s Market in Southern California. 

Little Feet Coffee Now Available at Whole Foods Markets and Mother’s Markets in Southern California 

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