Let YOUR Music De-Stress You

Most of us agree that listening to music relieves stress. However, the type
of music that brings calm may differ with each individual. 


I had a very
busy week last week and was anxious to get through my list of things to do. 
That anxiety was a heavy thing to carry all day and by noon I knew that I needed
a break.  I plugged in the iPod and and wouldn't you know it, T-pain put me
in a completely different state of mind. I was energized and was ready tackle
the rest of the day with a refreshed sense of energy and motivation. 


Though, "Buy U A Drink" may not be the type of music that soothes you, it works
better for me than tranquil sounds. 



Want to get the most out of YOUR
music? Here are some quick tips:


  • Preference can change, so choose what works
    for you at that time
  • Sing with it and feel the rhythm. This
    relieves tension, improves mood
    and self-confidence
  • Play an instrument
  • If there's no music around, sing

The bottom line is, it's all about the music that gives you a sense of peace, comfort and motivation.
How does
move you?


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