Learning to Love My Hands Naked

While on the journey towards greener pastures, I inevitably had to confront the mani-pedi issue. Well, really more like the mani-pedi obsession to keep my hands and feet looking pretty or at the very least, presentable. This was one habit I was afraid to change because I really didn’t like the way my nails looked unless they were perfectly groomed and polished. 


Nevertheless, I had to face the fact that most nail polishes out there contain chemicals that are very bad for us, mainly, toluene, formaldehyde and DPBs, not to mention all the other products used in the actual nail salon. 


Well, I did some research and found some tips on how to break the mani-pedi cycle. These were not quite sufficient, so I combined my findings with a few of my own tricks and here is how I learned to love my nails au naturel:

- Start by building a healthy foundation with a regimen of hair, skin and nail vitamins – a month supply. For the real die-hards, Brewer’s Yeast is the best. My parents have sworn by it for years and I’ve started taking it in small doses. The taste is… let's just say it's not tasty, but such is the price we pay for good health.

- Get a mani-pedi (preferably at an eco salon) and ask to have everything done except the nail polish application. This way, at least everything looks sort of groomed. This step can be skipped.

- Apply Badger’s Healing Balm (Relief for Hardworking Hands) a few times a day. It’s super rich so don’t plan on touching anything or putting on gloves for a couple of minutes after applying it. I tried and nearly glued my gloves to my hands – but it works, especially for those in cold weather!

- Resist the urge to cut the cuticles unless absolutely necessary. Cutting them only exacerbates the problem.  Badger’s helps with this step.

- Get a regular nail file and one that smoothes, buffs and polishes. Revlon makes a great one called the Shape’n’Buff: Step 1. even out; Step 2. Smooth; Step 3. Buff; Step 4. Shine. The buff and shine sides really give the appearance of a polished nail. Alternatively, a clear polish without harsh chemicals could be used.

 - Try to keep colored polish for special occasions and use polish remover as sparingly as possible. The cosmeticdatabse.com may offer some smart choices. I also know that a slew of companies are coming out with healthier options but I have not tried any as of yet.

- Look for eco-spas/salons (if possible) for those times when you simply need to treat yourself.

ü  Pretty nails

ü  Save a few bucks along the way

Give it a try!

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