Last minute Valentine cards for kids

As usual, we are scrambling at the last minute to get our Valentine cards together for school. I always think I’m going to be that mom who has everything planned and organized well in advance, but somehow, I never seem to get there. This year, I totally forgot that Friday is a school holiday, so our Valentines cards have to be ready for Thursday’s class party.

If you are a last-minute like me and you’ve run out to the store to find out that everything is sold out, why not try making Valentine’s cards? And you can spend nothing and use only things that you may already have at home.

We did just that tonight. The kids and I rummaged through the house and found all our extra colored paper, stickers, markers and stamps and gathered them together. Then, we printed a few labels on the computer (the “to, from” part of the card), and cut them into rectangles. Using scrap paper, we made larger colored rectangles cut slightly larger. The kids glued the labels on the colored paper scraps. Then, they addressed and signed each one and decorated with stickers, sequins, stamps and markers. It’s a little messy, but a great exercise in creativity for the kids.
Finally, we hole-punched the cards on one side and tied each one with curling ribbon to a Trader Joe’s organic lollipop.


It took about an hour to make our Valentines using only materials we already had at home – no waste, no cost! Okay, I did have to run out and buy one extra box of Organic Lollipops from Trader Joe’s – we only had one box in the pantry. So I spent $3 on 58 Valentine’s for both classrooms. Here are the results:


They turned out cute I think.  And best of all to me, not a plastic goody bag or cheap plastic trinket to be found.

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