[Photos] Lake Elizabeth, a hidden escape from the hustle and bustle

Last weekend was unbearably hot in Los Angeles.  The beach seemed like the only escape, but I wasn’t in the mood for traffic or to fight for parking. After searching what options exist north of LA, we found Lake Elizabeth.


  • No crowd
  • Beautiful setting
  • Plenty of space to have a secluded area for your family
  • Enjoyable drive
  • Nothing to see but nature


  • Long drive (60 miles out of LA)

Nestled under a lush tree, protected from the wind, was the perfect spot to lay our blankets and enjoy the cool breeze.

It’s about an hour and a half drive from West LA. Past Valencia and in through Angeles National Forest.

While laying on the blanket and listening to my family laugh and tell jokes, this was our view.  Exhale.

The tree was just begging to be climbed and we did not disappoint.

There were families swimming, fishing and exploring the lake in their inflatable boats. We mostly stayed under the tree, on the tree and along the beach. Easy like Sunday morning.

What are some of your favorite family spots? Do share!

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