Kids’ Indoor Gardening Kit

I love to hear about companies developing innovative ways to decrease garbage going into landfills, especially when it involves kids' toys AND gardening!  This fun little indoor gardening kit is made out of recycled milk jugs.  It contains no PBA, no phthalates, and no lead paint.  Moreover, it’s 100% manufactured, assembled, and tested right here in the USA. 

Garden Kit Items

The kit includes nine pieces: a planter tray, three planning pots, a trowel, three soil disks and three packets of organic seeds – teddy bear sunflower, sweet basil and zinnia.  Grab the kids and follow these simple steps:



Place the soil disc in each pot and add one cup of warm water.  Wait 30 minutes for soil disks to expand–the kids love this part, it's like magic!




Fluff the soil with the trowel, then pat the surface down flat


 Seeds Plus Box


Open the packet of seeds and ask the kids to place 3-5 seeds on top of the soil.  Carefully push the seeds about one inch into the soil and cover with soil (do not pack the soil down).


On Window


Place the pots in the window sill, give the kids the responsibility of keeping the soil moist, and then work together to transfer the plants outdoors later this spring.


It's time to teach the kids where salad comes from, and this is a great place to start.


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