Kids Activity: Mission Birdhouse

The real reason that you should build a house for a bird is that you'd be doing them a huge favor.

Birds all over the world are losing their homes and dying out, and certain birds have already become extinct. We need to protect the ones that are left and you can be the hero that builds a place for a bird family to stay!

First a few facts:

Many birds migrate meaning that they can fly for tremendously long distances at different times of the year and because there are not enough trees or grasses in cities for all the birds to make their nests in- they have no place to "rest."

I the weather turns bad in late spring as it can sometimes do, birds who have flown back from the South to the North for the Summer months are left in frigid cold with no protection from the elements, so if you make a place for them to stay they might even make it "home" enough to raise a family right in your own back yard!

Kids absolutely love the wonder and beauty of birds, and their nests. They are fascinated by the little eggs, and how they hatch. Grab your kids and a a milk carton and find a good place to work together on a backyard birdhouse or two for your family. They also make a great gift!!


  • Empty (rinsed) half gallon cardboard milk carton
  • Scissors
  • 2 ft of wire ( medium grade- it needs to hold the birdhouse up but be pliable)
  • Waterproof packing tape
  • Dried Grass or leaves
  • Hammer and nails


  1. Cut open the top of the carton
  2. Use the scissors to cut out a hole the size of an oreo cookie in one side of the carton for the "door" unless it already has a built in "spout" or hole in which case no need…
  3. one the other side of the carton make 2 holes with the nail – the top hole 1/3 way down from the top of the carton, the bottom hole also 1/3 up from the bottom
  4. Put the wire through the nail hole through the top hole along the inside of the carton and out the bottom hole
  5. Make a bed for the birds by putting the dry grass in the bottom, close the top and seal it tight with packaging tape
  6. Now take a walk around the yard and determine your "spot" – and if you can choose a spot close to a house window so you can watch..even better!
  7. hammer two nails into the tree about 1' apart one above the other and wrap the wire around the nails nice and tight so that the house stays in place

You can always embellish by using water resistant paint for decorating and of course use little dowels as "perch" areas outside their doorway Now you are ready to wait and watch and see if your feathered friends will come to rest their wings….

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