Kicking butt & staying green

There are 2 things I really love when I race:

  1. Amazing gear (preferably with a low eco-footprint).
  2. Winning. 

I don't take home medals… we're not talking about 1st place here… but those little victories against all the folks you're secretly racing against. That's why I love this contest on Fit Approach – they're asking you to share your butt kicking victories – when you Chick'd a guy – and you're entered to win an eco-friendly tech shirt by Chick'd. What's not to love?

Check it out:

Brenna Donoghue is the President of Marketing and Sales for Ethical Ocean (, a North American retailer of eco-friendly, organic, vegan and fairly-traded products. Previously Brenna headed up marketing and fundraising for Engineers Without Borders, the opportunity that got her hyped about the possibilities of fair trade.

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