Keeping the Green Steam Rolling All Year Long

We are now half way through the month and some of you may be doing good on your New Year's resolutions, and some of you might be feeling like you have already strayed. Our lives get busy, and it's easy to become discouraged if we have have not come through on promises we have made to ourselves.

This is an idea on how to keep your motivation for being good green citizen throughout the year.

  1. Be compassionate to yourself by forgiving yourself if you stray.
  2. Keep your head up, and just keep going! Everyday just try to do the best you can to continually support conscious, earth friendly habits or practices.
  3. Do the best you can!
  4. Appreciate your efforts by making a green gratitude list.

The green gratitude list can be taking mental note or actually writing it down. I have found this to be of help. You take a few minutes to sit back and think of all your good efforts from last year. For instance, last year in my household, Ken and I switched our gardening service to Go Green Gardeners, and our maid service to Green & Granola Domestics. Our biggest accomplishment was probably the installation of 76 solar panels on our roof. I believe in teaching by example, so below is an example of a list I created to show you of some our smaller efforts we made in our personal life at home (vs. with our business and social lives). I hope the ideas I have incorporated into our life might be inspiring to you. At very least, by doing an exercise like the green gratitude list, you encourage yourself by proving to yourself that you can continue to make a difference because you already do. Encouragement is always motivation to keep on going.


We started line drying our clothes and finding new eco-designers to support. There is No Planet B shirt from Green T Shirt company, BanTShirts.

My friend Phu Styles, a conscious stylist in charge of the Green Lounge at Sundance this year, gave me this bag for my 30th birthday last March. We started using a reusable dry cleaning bag and saving our hangers to give back to the dry cleaners.


We still have uses for plastic bags, like trash bags, so we have switched to buying BioBags.


This is a product from Ripple, a conscious company from Australia. I had picked it up at All Shades of Green before they closed their doors. These are meant to go in the shower and we have one in our shower, but I am using this as our grey water system until we get a professional system set up at the house. You can use them to catch water that would normally go to waste, and you can also use them to reuse that water. I did an experiment to see how many buckets I fill a day of our "grey water", and the average over a two week time frame was 4.5 buckets. That meant at least 4 of our trees got extra water a day. We might even take two trees off of our drip system and just water them from our ripple bucket system.


Our new bag dryer so we can reuse any plastic bags that we do still use. We are trying to wean ourselves off of plastics … it takes time. A great new  anti-plastic motivator is the blog Fake Plastic Fish.


Continually being on the lookout to support conscious businesses and people, we found. Dr. Sadrieh of the Beverly Hills Foot Surgery is a major supporter of green movement. We support him by donating to his shoe drive.


Solar Panel install from Verengo Solar. 76 Solar Panels!


I decided to make use of beer bottles we were drinking on the tour bus. I created the Limited Edition TCM Beerings which are being sold now on the The Crystal Method webstore. $10 from each sale are going to support my non-profit, Green Wave.

Learn more about Janine at Green Wave

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