Jonzing for Taqua jewelry this Summer!

I'm in a total jewelry state of mind this season.  Typically for Summer, I keep the jewelry to a minimum… big hoop earrings, maybe a bangle or two.  But this time around is different – I want bold, statement-y jewelry and I want lots of it!  Whether you opt for a simple sundress or a vintage kaftan, jewelry that packs a punch will take your look to the next level!

The taqua nut from South American rain forests is a fantastic, sustainable & chic material that lots of savvy jewelry designers… and here are some of my favorite pieces! 

Chicago-based jewelry designer, Geraldine Rincon, first introduced me Taqua and her pieces (like the Safari Blue necklace above) are still some of the chicest around. Just picture this with a maxi dress and flat sandals – instant style!
And as I said before, I am typically a hoop earrings junkie… but this season I'm craving a more exotic look for my ears. 
 Ok so, they're still hoop-ish (you know… old dogs/new tricks), but these gorgeous, colorful earrings by Green Diva (left) are perfectly vibrant and Summer-y.  On the right, are a stunning pair of Tagua slice earrings by Vermont-based design effort, Mui ChicThey're edgy and luxe-looking (and available in 3 colors!).


Also by Mui Chic are these super gorge statement rings of naturally-dyed Taqua.  What a way to finish an outfit, right?



And don't forget the wrists!  Stack these bracelets, or wear alone… they're instant chic with any ensemble from a tank top and cut offs to your favorite Summer dress.  From Left: Tawa by Mui Chic, Shilsol Bay by Green Diva and Kandi by Mui Chic


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