Join me for No Impact Week

This week, I’m participating in No-Impact Week hosted by the Huffington Post and Colin Beavan, better known as No-Impact Man.

My Tree During The Perseid Meteor Shower
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It’s a week-long carbon cleanse, designed to help you live a better, happier, and healthier life by reducing your consumption and buying less stuff.

The challenge runs Sunday October 18th through Sunday the 25th. If you would like to try, it’s not too late to join. Each day has its own unique activity so you can participate each day or only some – any level of participation is better than none at all.

Sunday was the first day of the challenge. To get started, participants were asked to collect and save all their trash for the day – all of it. I collected every scrap that our family of four threw away that day. On Monday, the first thing to do was to sort Sunday’s trash according to things that you used for less than 10 minutes and things that were used for more than 10 minutes. This was to demonstrate that 99% of the stuff we use on a daily basis is trashed within six months – yes, 99%! Yikes! Looking at your trash for just one day is kind of eye opening – more on that later.

Monday’s challenge was to do everything you can to stop making trash. As a start, participants were instructed to assemble a no-trash travel kit for the week. The kit includes a reusable water bottle, resealable food containers, reusable utensils (I included my glass straw), reusable shopping bags, produce bags, etc. 

Today’s challenge is burn calories, not fossil fuels. It calls for participants to look for alternative forms of transportation like biking, walking, and carpooling.

Here is a summary of the upcoming challenges for the rest of the week:

  • Wednesday – Healthy eating can lessen your footprint.
  • Thursday – Explore no energy alternatives to accomplish your daily tasks.
  • Friday – Soak up the personal benefits of using less water.
  • Saturday – Pay it forward. Feel the benefits of service.
  • Sunday – Take a break from everything – a day of rest and reflection.

For more details on each challenge, download the “No Impact Week” Guide here.

I’ll share some of my observations at the end of the week and would love to hear any of yours too. So, come join the challenge. It’s not too late to sign up and start reducing your impact today.

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