Jamie Bamber of “Battlestar Galactica” Naked For PETA

Hottie with a heart, Jamie Bamber bears it all for the sake of Bearskin.  Watch his PETA interview and find out why he is taking action.

Bamber states that he was introduced to the cause by good friend, Lucy Davis, who also bared it for the bears, urging the Queen to switch to humane, faux-fur hats for the palace guards.

"Each year, countless black bears in Canada are shot and killed, often in front of their cubs, using a cruel practice called "bait and shoot," which is banned in British Columbia and many U.S. states. Their fur is then sent to the U.K. to be used to make caps for the Queen's guards.

When Bamber learned how bears are killed to make the Queen's guards' ceremonial caps, the British-born actor jumped at the chance to help."  According to PETA blog.

You can do your part to stop the slaughter of bears for caps by visiting: http://action.peta.org.uk/ea-campaign/clientcampaign.do?ea.client.id=5&ea.campaign.id=2149

See who else is Naked for PETA.

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