It’s About Eco Time!

I hate leaving the house without a watch, but I haven't used one for the last several years.  It seemed like every time I went to grab my watch the battery was dead!  Not to mention it's difficult finding a multi-functional watch that is waterproof, sporty, yet is also appropriate for semi-formal occasions.



I finally met my match…the Citizen Eco-Drive watch! 



 The Riva 

Eco-Drive technology harnesses the power of light from any natural or artificial light source.  This means the supply is limitless and free.  Light is absorbed through the crystal and dial.  A special Eco-Drive energy storage cell is used to store the electricity from the converted light energy.  With normal care and exposure to light, I am assured a lifetime of reliable and trouble free power.  As an added benefit to the environment, the energy cell does not contain any of the chemicals used in ordinary watch batteries.  When fully charged, Eco-Drive runs for at least 6 months-even when left in the dark.   Plus, I absolutely love the opaque pink face!



Added bonus, the packaging is even made out of recycled paper.


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