In need of foster or home ASAP

These animals are currently at temporary homes but hat situation ends
Thursday (31st). Please, does anyone know of someone who can foster or who would
be interested in adopting any of these sweethearts in need.  Contact,

Siren – female, spayed, 6 years old. Siren is a striking grey tabby who
adores people. She LOVES to come "make biscuits" next to you when you get into
bed for the night. She can be with other cats but would do best as an only
kitty. She would be fine in a home with one or two others, but she becomes
afraid when other cats are around. So she would be perfect for someone looking
for a calm but very loving single kitty.

Calimai and Striped Boy – Sphynx, 8 yrs old, spayed, Orange Tabby/half
Sphynx, 7 mths old, neutered. Both Calimai and Striped Boy are affectionate and
very social. Calimai loves to sit on your lap or ride on your shoulder while
Striped Boy rolls over for belly rubs. They especially love each other…see
photo of them sleeping completely entwined. Calimai is a purebred Sphynx and
Striped Boy's father is a Sphynx.

Little Cali Girl - Calico/half Sphynx 7 mths old, female – This
beautiful, demure kitty is so sweet. She is shy at first but blossoms quickly.
She is a delicate girl who loves to be loved but wants to make sure it is safe.
She is great with other cats also.

Julius – Orange tabby/half Sphynx, male, neutered, 7 mths – Super sweet
and very social. He has a fantastic personality and is the first one to come say
hello and loves to engage with people and other cats. See him here in photo with
Cali Girl.

Momma Calico – (no photo yet) – She is the mother of the three 7 mth old
kittens. Brenda rescued her off the street but initially she was too weak to be
spayed right away. Long story but they are her babies. Unfortunately mom is
feral. It is a very tough situation and she really needs a sanctuary environment

Buster – 4 years old, Chi mix, neutered – loves other dogs and cats. Shy
with people and can take several weeks to trust someone. So need someone really
patient. Once he trusts you though he is devoted and your best friend.



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