If you like Pottery Barn, you will love Gianna.

Who doesn't walk into a Pottery Barn and want to hang out for hours? I do, but the only thing I ever buy there are things like glasses. Like many of the GreenGirls out there, I try to purchase things for my home with a little more value. Not value as in bargain, but value as in a cool story about where it came from or by whom it was made.

Introducing Gianna!

There aren't any Gianna retail locations (yet) where you can lounge in comfort, but you will certainly feel good shopping around their new online store. Gianna, founded by Gianna Driver, offers consumers home goods you will love and love to buy. Gianna is the perfect blend of Laotian artistry and modern design. Gianna goods are all fair-trade made by disadvantaged artisans in impoverished rural villages or urban slums who might otherwise have no form of income. The artisans employed by Gianna not only benefit, but play an active role in the design of products and management of the company.

Not only are Gianna products fair-trade, but eco-friendly too! Check out the variety of organic cotton pillows.

I can't wait to see this company add more products soon like picture frames and table decor. Regardless, the next wedding gift I have to buy is definitely going to come from Gianna.


Author: Meghan Connolly Haupt is the founder and principal of C5 sustainable fine jewelry offering custom design services and ready-to-wear pieces that you can feel good about.

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