If life is a house

If life is a house then you might find yourself having a finite amount of emotional real estate.

Some of it gets taken up by friends and family, children, co-workers, and every so often just by people that simply pass through life on a day to day basis.

If you have a bad experience at the market, you can choose whether or not to let the experience drain you emotionally. It's a choice.

If life is a house then some people add value and some…not so much.


If life is a house then whomever you choose to let inside can help you or hurt you. They can help you make it a beautiful place to be, or they can help you make it ugly. You might wish some people could stay forever, while others start to smell like fish in record time.

Some people might leave you excessive messes to clean up, and when you go to listen to the stereo you let them borrow you realize they blew the speakers out. If this happens it might be time to escort them to the door, and you might think twice before inviting them back.

If life is a house then some people who knock on the door might be wolves in sheep clothing.

Some come in who'll be the life of the party, and everything seems so fun and great, but as times goes by they don't seem to get the message that there is a time to party and a time for real life and real responsibilities. They do stupid things, and make lots of drama where there is none. They talk a big game and when you try to talk to them about things you need from them to help clean up the place they get belligerent, and you feel like a buzz kill. Those guests sometimes store the bad feelings that got created till the next time, and it grows. One day, because you never put your foot down and said the party was over, they swing on the chandeliers and spill red wine on the new eco friendly modular white carpeting and bring other guests you would never even introduce to your own mother.

If life is a house and you spend your energy giving it to the guests who don't respect it's charm and warmth and hospitality, then you might eventually start to see things deteriorate. Before long you have an overgrown yard with old tires and a cast iron tub on your lawn, and the people you'd really love to get to know more stop coming by to visit.

You have to be responsible for how you build and maintain your own house… and a good lesson for everyone is that parties are only fun because they are over within a few hours and therefore special for a reason. In the meantime, if you are not at the party you'll have more time to spend doing other things that will add value in a different way to your life, i mean think about the beer gut and the hangover you can avoid. Now you can focus on inviting in people that make your house more beautiful and help you maintain it. They won't swing from your chandeliers, and overstep your boundaries all the time, nor will they leave you excessive messes that take days, sometimes even weeks to clean up. They won't bring in a wolf and call it a sheep, and they don't cause your brain to endlessly circle as it tries to create sense and order out of something that has none.

If life is a house and you find as you look through the bedrooms that some guests are lounging around making the place stink then you may want to consider the following: You invited them in, and you can invite them out.

If you've tried over and over to work with what you have to make it structurally sound and realize you might have built the whole thing on quicksand, then you might be better off to just bulldoze the whole thing down.

If life is a house, then renovation is always an option.

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