How To Throw A Rock Star Party (Video)

Here are some fun, easy and low cost ideas on
how to throw a kid's Rock Star party!




The Invitation:

  • First the invitation.  Skies the limit on
    Photoshop, but what I did here
    was grab an image of rock star, Photoshoped the birthday girl's face on the body
    and added party details. I emailed this to the parents before hand but it's
    always an added excitement for the kids to receive a physical invitation so I
    printed these out, cut them up and glued it to a bright colored piece of paper for
    contrast.  For added girly punk detail, I cut up triangle shaped lace
    material and glued it to the edge.


The Decorations:

  • To give the full effect of a rock star
    party, you have to have a stage.  For the backdrop, I printed out huge letters on each
    bright colored paper to spell out the birthday girl's name & the band. I cut them
    out and glued them on a black table cover added silver streamers that I got from our
    Christmas decorations. Hung it on the wall & I put white Christmas light
    all around it.  For the stage, I used a workout mat and covered it up
    with a dark sheet and used the purple light from our Halloween decoration to
    liven up the stage.


The Prizes & Giveaways:

  • With kids, throughout the years of holidays and parties, you're going to end
    up with a huge bucket full of little toys and party favors. This is a great
    opportunity for you and your kid to go through the house and collect little toys
    that can be used as giveaways & prizes for the games. We put it all in a jar or


The Food & Set up:

  • I passed on balloons
    and instead purchased these champagne cups for the kids juices which they got to
    take home. As each kid got their cup, I put their names at the bottom and that
    was their drinking cup for the rest of the party. This was a hit because they
    felt so glamorous drinking from it.
  • For the food we served simple finger foods. We had sweets, pretzels, veggies and
    dip.  We also had pasta and spaghetti sauce. One with meat and one without
    for a meatless option.


Sabrina & The Rockers ~ The Birthday Tour


The Entertainment:

  • Music is key. I got a Kidz Bob CD of all the current
    hit songs sung by kids and transferred it to my iPod  and had that playing
    as kids arrived and throughout the party.
  • This got the kids going. They loved the stage, but took a little convincing to
    get up there so we told them that for every song they sing, they get to pick a
    price from the toy jar. After that, they couldn't get enough of it.


The Games:

  • Musical Beanies: Basically it's a spin off of musical chairs
    but without the furniture and the risk of kids falling off of them. I put some
    beanie babies in a basket and put it in the middle of the room and kids danced
    around that. I chose these because, they are small easy to grab and I had enough
    of them in the house to cover each kid, but you can use any stuffed animal or
    soft toy.
  • Pencil Hunt: We've collected pencils from
    past holidays and parties and used those. Basically, the birthday girl hides
    the pencils all around a room then gives the go for the kids to start the 
    hunt. Now not every
    kid will get a pencil so the kids that got pencils get to keep them and the ones
    without get to pick a prize from the toy jar. Everyone is a winner!
  • Freeze dance: Last one
    standing got prizes from the toy jar.

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