How to naturally lower stress levels in 10 minutes or less

Stay calm and collected naturally with these effective, stress busting tips!

1. Go for a 10 min run and push yourself. This will take you straight to Endorphins-ville!

2. Belt out a tune. Singing can enhance your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulate your heart, lungs and muscles, and increase the endorphins that are released by your brain. Luckily, you can YouTube Karaoke from just about anywhere!

3. Pet a cat. Nuff said. Of course, we are assuming that you know how to pet a cat.

4. Watch a cat video. Laughter reduces stress hormones!

5. Scream therapy. Let out a good primal shout. A loud, intense scream gives one a sense of release and leaves the screamer feeling at peace.

6. Stretch. Stress tends to settle in the upper back shoulders, and neck. It can make you feel tight and uncomfortable. A few simple stretches, should help relieve stress.

7. Have a banana. This mood-boosting fruit helps your brain produce chemicals that promote good mental health.

8. Soak in a hot bath. A soothing, hot bath can relax tired muscles, provide a relaxing atmosphere, and allow a temporary feeling of escape.

9. Dance! Turn up the tunes and dance – even in public. Do it! I mean, doesn’t this guy look stress free?

10. Count your blessings. Focusing on the good will put things in perspective and instantly make you feel better.

Got something to add? Tell us how you relieve stress!

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