How To Make A Rag Doll Of Memories

I really dislike buying toys. Especially when the interest only last a few hours for a 5 year old. So I gave something a try. The little one & I sat down, I asked her what she wanted & we created it together.

This is Lemon Drop. She's made out of old clothes, LOTS of love & every part of her has a special sentiment.

Lemon Drop, A Rag Doll of Memories

This special little rag doll is made out of her daddy's old shirt, eye's from her daddy's old socks, purse from her old baby shirt & hair from her out-grown underpants. I am amazed at how valuable a toy becomes to a child when they see how it's made & realizes that there's a connection and a story behind every piece.   

If you can find the time to make a Rag Doll of Memories for your child, I guarantee that it will outshine that store-bought toy any day.

What you need:


  • Old T-shirt
  • 3 or 4 other pieces of old clothing, socks, etc.
  • 1 button
  • Needle & thread



  1. Cut the doll's desired shape. Lemon Drop was cut out of a Gingerbread shape.
  2. Sew all the way around but leave the top of the head open.
  3. Flip it inside out so that the sewing pattern and thread can't be seen. 
  4. Stuff the doll with cut up pieces of the old shirt.
  5. Once you have the desired thickness of the doll, sew up the top.
  6. Cut rectangular pieces for the hair.
  7. Sew each rectangular piece side by side on the doll's head. Lemon Drop has 8 pieces sewn on. 
  8. Cut out 2 heart shapes for the back of the eyes. Sew it on.
  9. Cut out 2 circles from a different color cloth for the eyes. Sew it on.
  10. You may add accessories as you see fit.  Everything on Lemon Drop is soft except for her button nose, which make her perfect for night time cuddles.

We call this one Super P


Make this project even more special by involving your child in the process.  Ask them for ideas, have them choose the clothing pieces they would like on the doll and of course, name your doll. For boys, you can make a Super Hero, Rag Puppy, Dinosaur or whatever their little minds come up with.


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