How to Keep Your Dogs Safe on 4th of July

Independence Day celebrations are a whole lot more fun when spent with the entire family. However, our pets, though they are also family members, should be kept at home where it is safe and away from the noise.

Cats don’t seem to make an issue of fireworks,” said Dr. Kate F. Hurley, director of the Koret Shelter Medicine Program at the University of California at Davis Center for Companion Animal Health. I agree. My cat could care less when the fireworks go off. My dog, however, is a completely different story.

Here are some ways to keep your dogs safe when the fireworks fly:

Before the fireworks:

  • If you have dogs that have high stress levels, try Organic Pet Calm before the celebrations begin. I give this to my dog to calm him when we expect that he might have a high stress day. (i.e. traveling, vet visit, etc.) My dog started having seizures last year and I’ve given him Organic Pet Calm right after a seizure episode (while still shaking) and the shaking stopped within seconds.


During the fireworks:

  • Keep them in a comfortable room with water. Stress in dogs can lead to thirst.
  • If you give them the run of the house, close the doors to rooms that your pets could get hurt in. Remember that your dog could freak out and jump over anything to try and escape the sound.

This is Kahn. He may seem calm in this photo, but he FREAKS OUT when fireworks go off.

After the fireworks:

Your pets will probably still be spooked from all the noise. Comfort them with the normal hugs and kisses they expect. This will show them that things are back to normal.


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