How To Host & Enjoy An Eco-Friendly Party

Hosting an Eco-friendly party is a great opportunity to share with your friends and family bits of your green lifestyle & probably inspire them to make little changes themselves. With a few tips and planned ideas you can host your green party & enjoy it too!

The Invitation
Let's go virtual. Some people may feel that a paper invitation is more personal than an electronic one. Evite now has a great selection of themed invitations. You can add photos and choose the right design that fits your style.  Not only does it save paper, ink & stamps but it also helps organize your guest list, your RSVPs & other helpful features to plan & prepare for your party.

The Menu
Buy local, organic & to take it one step further, serve vegetarian.

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Shop at your local farmer's market for fruits & vegetables. Chop up your veggies and place them in a platter with the dip of your choice or visit the links below for ideas.
- All Recipes
- Vegetarian Appetizers
- appetizers & h'orderves

Main Dish
There are several sites you can visit for delicious veggie meals. Here's a few we like.
- Recipezaar
- Food Network

Cut up a variety of organic fruits & toss them in a bowl for a refreshing fruit salad or visit the links below for ideas.
- The Veggie Table
- Vegan Food
- Choose Veg

The Ambience
Kill the lights & use rechargeable candles to light up the room & set the mood. These new flameless candles look and feel just like the real thing, without all the smoke, dripping wax, risk of fire and endless replacements. Here are some comparisons from

The Dinnerware
Skip the disposable dinnerware and consider some of these options.

  • You can use your day to day dinnerware.
  • Grandma's silver – I love using grandma's silver.  It makes every dinner occasion special. 
  • Buy from your local thrift store. 

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The Cocktails & Drinks
Organic drinks are available in your local grocery stores.  Some of them are found in the health and natural section. Now, for the cocktails, we've found a few suggestions.

The Instructions
To actually enjoy the party, organize in advance. Work out the details & arrangements of food, seating, or where your guests will be lounging. This way, you can actually be part of the fun!

  • Greet your guest as they arrive so that they feel welcomed.
  • Show them around.  Show them where the food & drinks are located & where they can lounge.
  • Introduce your guests to each other and share a topic they might both have in common.
  • Answer questions about your theme, menu & inspirations.

Bonus: How are your friends getting there? Depending on the size of your party, you can coordinate a carpool for your friends or provide a map & schedule for public transportation in the area.

Sharing your Eco-conscious lifestyle with friends and family can show them that making small changes in habits is all it takes to make a difference. Making your guest feel welcomed is the key to a successful gathering. Keep those things in mind, and you will undoubtedly be the hostess with the Eco-mostest.

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