How To Have Way Too Much Fun Prepping Your Green Wedding

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If you are engaged and soon-to-be married, one of the many crossroads you may face as an eco-conscious bride planning her event is the concept of excess. When it’s all just too much.

As an environmentalist, one of your greatest concerns is your level of consumption. The more we buy, the more we use, the more we toss, the more we need…it’s an endless cycle of footprint-heavy manufacturing propagated by the quick routine of ‘get it, then trash it’. Weddings are undoubtedly one of the surefire ways we can speed through pounds of trash if we aren’t careful. Leftover décor. Unwanted favors. Uneaten food. If you’re not careful it can turn into the ultimate exercise of waste.

So why not turn the buying trend on its head? Instead of squandering precious dollars on favors and décor that no one will ever use again, why not start the process right from the beginning with something that isn’t new? Reverse your thinking. Rather than buy new and trash later…find trash and use now! (Think like the show Trash to Treasure)

Ok, that didn’t sound quite that appealing, but trust me this is fun! There are many ways to harness the ‘inventory’ already in your possession if you’ll only get creative. I wish I’d thought of some of these tricks when I got married!!! Not only will you be preventing consumption of new products, you’ll also be encouraging guests to think differently while also putting a few dollars back into your pocket. OR, if you’re a more affluent bride, you can invest those saved dollars into a charity or environmental project close to your heart…then share how you did it with your guests. What a fantastic way to make your special occasion a gift for those in need as well.

To see some of these DIY reuse projects first hand, checkout Danielle Venokur’s video coverage on MNN. Danielle specializes in putting on sustainable events for her customers and has produced a series of very useful videos on MNN outlining all of the ways that new brides can go green for their event. Check out this week’s DIY project coverage:


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