How to Go Green: 40 Tips on Greening Your Business

My web design company received its first green certification in late 2006, and since then, the movement to have your company or service become green-certified has exploded.

 In the years since, I’ve seen a distinct trend: businesses are truly committing to incorporating green and sustainable practices into their work. For many business owners, this is a personal and professional decision first, and a marketing decision second. I think that if you live it, you’ll attract it, and that has been demonstrated in my work as the types of clients and projects we do websites for has become more green, sustainably-oriented, and more woman-friendly (all things I wanted when I first started this business).


If you’re considering getting green certification, or if you’re just interested in exploring more ways to make your business environmentally-friendly, do it!


Find local or national resources to help you network with others in the same mind-set.


Go outside and enjoy nature.


Share your knowledge with your family, community, co-workers and friends.


Here are 40 ideas to think about when you’re “re-tooling” your business to be more sustainable, more “green”, and more environmentally friendly.

Old School Process New School Idea
Disposable plastic bags Reusable bags made from recycled plastic bottles
Land line and fax Toll free number with voice message to e-mail + e-fax

Press packet Twitter
Chamber meetings Social media conferences

Bond paper for proposals and manuscripts 100% recycled paper + e-documents
Paper PDF

In-person meetings

Webex or Skype

Document sharing with physical files Document sharing online

Snail mail Digital mail

Commuting Tele-commuting
Reference books Google

Plastic utensils and styrofoam cups Biodegradable supplies

Eastern/Central/Mountain/Pacific 24/7

Catalog shopping Online shopping eliminate unwated paper catalogs:
Checks in the mail E-payment options

Large publishing houses or large record companies Independent artists and authors releasing self-published books, DVDs, mp3s and online communities

Bookstores Kindle

Credit Barter

Shipping overseas Shopping local
High Interest Rates Social Lending:

Outside entertainment Creating your own entertainment

Big Box Local, mom-and-pop, family-owned
Lawsuits Mediation
Conflict diamonds Conflict-free, sustainable, and ethical

Hoarding Sharing

Single use, disposable Freecycling

Straight to the landfill Reduce, Reuse, Recyce
Buy it Make it
Paper plates, plastic sporks Bamboo trays, cloth napkins and metal cutlery
Brick and mortar businesses with high start-up costs Work at home on the internet with low start-up costs
Journaling Blogging

Long hours, no falling asleep on the job, give us everything Automated systems, naps when needed, work-life balance
Monocrop agribusiness Local organic farmers market
unlabeled GMO Labeled
Milk chocolate Single-origin, fair trade dark chocolate
Commercial coffee from the store Home-roasted, organic, farmers gate

Trade secrets Transparency
Proprietary Open-source
Only a few Industry experts You are an expert in your niche market

Members-only Facebook Connect


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Monica S. Flores of 10kWebdesign is committed to educating, empowering, and connecting women in business — she believes in the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits.



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