How to be a Sustainable Beach Babe

With Summer around the corner, spending time on the beach is a MUST.  This is your 5 tips on HOW TO BE A SUSTAINABLE  BEACH BABE.


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  1. We all love spending weekends on the beach. It’s fun, relaxing & FREE. To show your appreciation, give back & take 20 min to embark on your own beach clean up!
  2. Remember you're a visitor; don't disturb the wildlife and plants,  native to the beach — even if you think the little suckers are provoking you.
  3. You know you’re going to be thirsty. So prepare. Don't buy bottled water; use refillable bottles instead.
  4. A picnic on the beach is always a hit.  Don't leave your things behind and to make things easier, pack a picnic with reusable cutlery, cups, and cloth napkins.
  5. Be eco-aware: visit the websites of marine protection organizations to learn more about conserving your beach & how you can help coastal issues.

Follow these tips & you’ll be on your way to becoming a Sustainable Beach Babe!

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