How I Green My Listing Part 2

Two weeks ago our HERS rater Jayme Carden from Maximum Performance Housing inc. performed the duct leak testing, which is the last test to obtain ENERGY STAR.   Up until then I've been wondering what a duct leak test is since I haven't seen it performed.  After seen it performed on my listing its truly an educational experience.  I taped it in hope to educate the future home owners of Mangolia Courts understand what they are truly buying, a home that is well built using high performance building practice. 



Magnolia Courts at La Verne, San Gabriel valley's FIRST award winning, luxury living, energy saving condos for active adults age 55+.

From Concept to Practice

Looking back since 2009, the ideas in my head have become a reality.  I prayed to God if he can give me an opportunity to help a client green a home.  Instead of getting one unit, I got a hundred and one.  Sometimes I felt there were little miracles happening throughout the project.  It could be someone I met who direct me to person I need to know or someone know someone who can do a certain job; we're all connected in someway or another.  Following the concept of the California New Homes program through Edison and putting into practice was a challenging and a rewarding experience.  

*I'm preparing gift bags for the grand opening for my project Magnolia Courts at La Verne, total of 1000 bags.  Our team expects approx 800-1000 attendees, there will media/press, businesses, politicians, neighbors, brokers, and potential buyers,  I'm looking for vendors that would like to promote their products/ services to health conscious home owners ages 55+.  If you like to be included to be in our gift bags, please email me


Be Green, Be Gorgeous!

May Hsu is a Real Estate Professional based in Pasadena, CA, specialize in selling and buying real estate in the San Gabriel Valley.  May is dedicated to promote green building and green real estate practice, health, and environmental issues.

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