Hold On To Summer @ Crowne Plaza Hanalei San Diego

The Eco-Friendly Crowne Plaza Hanalei San Diego

This summer, one of our weekend getaway was a trip to San Diego. We received such great service and accommodation at the Eco-friendly Crowne Plaza Hanalei San Diego last year that we stayed there again this year. Why mess with a good thing?!

Besides, from last year’s visit, we knew that Crowne Plaza Hanalei San Diego had big plans on continuing to Green their hotel. On this visit, we learned just how much greener they’ve become in such a short time.

First, here’s what you can expect at the Crowne Plaza Hanalei San Diego

Now let’s talk Green! Stephen DeStefano, Director of Food and Beverage at Crowne Plaza Hanalei San Diego and Dennis Vinegas, Front Office Manager at Crowne Plaza Hanalei San Diego were so nice to take time and chat with me about the hotel’s Eco efforts.

Stephen DeStefano, Director of Food and Beverage at Crowne Plaza Hanalei San Diego & Apple Levy

The Growing Green Program
Crowne Plaza Hanalei San Diego in-house promo offering a $5 per night voucher in any Food & Beverage outlet for signing up for Growing Green. Grow Green with Us by simply choosing to decline daily housekeeping services and get rewarded for your good efforts!

Green Team & Staff Training
Steve and Dennis said that the staff had to “Buy in” in order to make it all work. Of course, they had to explain to me what ‘Buying In’ meant. In a nutshell, the staff  truly believes in the cause. Watch the video and see how Steve and Dennis train the staff at Crowne Plaza Hanalei San Diego.

Sustainable Practices & Solid Food Waste Composting
• Commingled Recycling (plastic, paper, glass, tin, aluminum and cardboard) o During and at the end of every shift the waste left by guests and employees is sorted into trash and recyclables for collection service. o All department staff participates at individual desks, copy rooms, conference rooms and suites. o The accounting department contracts with Shred-It to destroy and recycle 50 pounds of paper each month.

• Cooking Oil Recycling o Cooking oil is collected and removed once a month. Each load varies from 30 to 50 pounds per removal. The collected oil is then processed into safe, useful products including bio-diesel fuels, animal feed, and lubricants.

• Food Waste Recycling o Developed and implemented a Solid Food Waste diversion program with the City of San Diego Environmental Services & EDCO. We are the first in Mission Valley to implement this program with the City of San Diego. The food waste is then taken to the Miramar Greenery where it’s turned into compost. The compost is used by landscaping engineers on the property grounds & fire soil retention. o Donate unused food item to Father Joe’s at St. Vincent De Paul. Donations vary from 10 to 50 pounds per donation.

• Green Waste Recycling o Grass and tree clippings are collected and sent to the Miramar Greenery for composting through EDCO.

• E-Waste & Hazardous Waste Recycling o Computers, monitors, printers, televisions, and anything else with a plug are collected and removed for recycling. o Old light bulbs and dry cell batteries are collected by engineering and removed by recycling. o Contracted San Diego Bus & Auto Repair with disposal of all hazardous oils, batteries, tires, air filters, and to maintain our fleet of (2) 14-passenger vans and (2) 10-passenger vans.

• Wood Pallet Recycling o All unclaimed wood pallets are collected and removed by recycling.• Wire Hanger Recycling o The dry cleaning valet service used by office staff and housekeeping collect all wire hangers which are then re-used by the dry cleaning company.• Linens, Drapery, Bedding, Clothing Recycling o Working with a Clothes Collection System company, old bed linens, drapery, clothing is recycled by shredding the fabric to create paper products. The paper can be used as menus, bookmarks, note cards, etc. Photo: Dennis Vinegas, Front Office Manager at Crowne Plaza Hanalei San Diego

• Bio disposable Food Service o Eliminated all Styrofoam food service containers, utensils, cups, lids, etc with corn based bio disposable food service equivalent.

• Water Conservation

• Domestic Use o Our public restrooms have time control faucets, urinals & toilets that automatically shut off the water after a set time period. This eliminates the possibility of having faucets left on and wasting water. o Speakman low flow showerheads installed in all rooms savings of 531,075 gallons per year compared to 3.0 GPM Showerheads. o Vorten low flow toilets installed in all rooms & lobby restrooms savings of 86,880 gallons per year compared to 3.5 GPF toilets. o Linen program in guestrooms helps to save water, electricity and natural gas. This program removes 98,550 pounds of terry and linen per year from the laundry process. o Water upon request program is utilized in all Food & Beverage outlets.

• Irrigation Use o All landscaping are on drip systems and time clock functioned. The grounds are continuously monitored for seasonal or other changes to watering schedules.

Relaxing and lush grounds

Energy Efficiencies

• LED lighting in all public areas and Meeting spaces

• Ozone system installed and operational in Laundry

• Electronic Ballasts, T-8 Fluorescent and Compact Fluorescent Bulbs in Office Spaces, Front & Back of the House o T-8 fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps are used in place of the old T-12 lamps and incandescent lamps. These replacements provide the same lumens at a fraction of the power.

• Motion Sensors o Motions sensors were installed in all public areas & tower hallways in an effort to reduce electricity consumption. Sensors are programmed to turn off lights 30 minutes after space remains unoccupied. o Lighting and fan occupancy sensors in all guests bathrooms.

Awesome view from our balcony

• Room A/C Controller Sensors o In an effort to ensure utility usage was not being wasted, air-conditioning/heating motion sensors were installed in all rooms.

• Building Management System (BMS) o The BMS is a computer program that monitors and controls all of the heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) and lighting systems on property. These functions shift the set points at the minimum required, thereby saving energy.

• Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) o These devices are incorporated into every motor requiring 25 horsepower or greater in the facility; the VFD’s primary purpose is to vary the speed of the motor based on required load.

• Gasket Program o Yearly a contracted company replaces all inferior gaskets on all refrigeration units throughout the hotel thru a grant with SDG&E.

• High-efficiency florescent lighting in the Parking Lot

• Outside temperature resets for 200 tons of chiller

Clean Air Practices

• Air Handler Units o Record monthly preventive maintenance schedule of cleaning of all air handler units and coils. o Clean Air 2000 Ionizers breakdown smoke residue to provide clean air in guestrooms. Additionally reduces quality of chemicals sprayed into the air.

Employee Outreach

• Training o Quarterly Safety Lotto Meeting where information about hotel safety, recycling and other environmental efforts are conveyed to employees. Prizes and awards are distributed at these meetings. PowerPoint presentation of Crowne Plaza San Diego progression from 2008 to present in recycling procedures.

• Employee Handbook o New employee orientation and handbook has recycling guidelines for all employees to participate and review.
Learn more about Crowne Plaza Hanalei San Diego at www.cp-sandiego.com

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