Healthy Snack: Easy Banana Sorbet Recipe

How to make your own banana sorbet

Next time you crave something sweet, say no to the triple-fudge banana split and try making your own banana sorbet. This recipe is incredibly easy and the results are sure to satisfy your sweet craving. Sorbets differ from sherbet because they are dairy-free making them friendly to lactose-intolerant individuals. You can choose from an array of fruits but bananas are a wonderful choice for your sorbet flavor if you are looking to load up on potassium, fibre, B6 and Vitamin C. This fruit is good for your heart and helps minimize the risk of kidney stones.   Bananas are often criticized for being one of the more fattening fruits but according to the USDA they shouldn’t receive such a bad reputation.

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“A banana has a glycemic index of 52 and 24 grams of available carbohydrate. This gives a glycemic load of 12. In comparison, an apple having a glycemic index of 38 and 15 grams of available carbohydrate has a glycemic load of 6. Although an apple may be a little better choice for a snack, eating a banana isn’t all that bad either because foods with glycemic loads in the low teens and below are the ones that should be selected as part of a balanced diet” said Thomas Johnson of the USDA.

Like anything you eat, everything in moderation. As long as your fruit intake doesn’t only consist of bananas, you should be good!

Nutrition aside, below you will find a super simple banana sorbet recipe you are sure to enjoy.


  • Touch of salt
  • 1/3 cup of agave syrup
  • 1 tsp. of vanilla extract
  • Two overripe frozen bananas


  1. Place two peeled bananas in a storage container and leave overnight or for a few hours until frozen.
  2. Add bananas and all other ingredients into a blender and mix for roughly 2 minutes.

Your sweet treat is ready to be eaten right away or stored in the freezer to serve a late night craving.

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