Happy New Year, Green Girls!

So I have decided that in addition to just generally trying to do better every day in regards to conservation, buying habits, being active in the movement, I am going to specifically work on eating vegan more often, serious homework on greening the house, and venturing out to patronize more green businesses. So far, Ken and I are doing pretty good on the vegan note. We are especially committed to our health as the band is on a touring hiatus as they finish up their new record so we have time to be extra scrupulous with our food habits. So already I give us a pat on the back for making serious strides with at least one (of at least my) New Year's resolutions.

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For weeks now I had been meaning to visit one of the 3 or 4 leaf rated Greenopia guide green pet stores in the Valley. We were traveling quite a bit over the holidays so I kept finding myself running to Gelson's, or Whole Foods for kitty cat supplies …which is fine, but I had been wanting to investigate better food for Frody. I was also on the hunt for the perfect cat litter. Today I had my day.

At first I tried going to a 4 leaf rated (highest Greenopia rating) store past Canoga on Ventura. Closed. Actually, not just closed but closed down with a big "FOR LEASE" sign on the door. "Damn" I thought …"Should have checked the website", as I have the old Greenopia guide. So the next shop I went to was about the same distance from the house but just going the other way on Ventura; Pets Naturally of Sherman Oaks. If you live in the valley, I highly recommend the store. The owner is an animal lover first and foremost, and she's friendly. What I liked is that she pointed out an important point about the term "all natural" –something can be "natural" and still not be good for us such as silica, which is in most cat litters. Silica is natural but it's not good for us to inhale. So today besides purchasing organic cat food for Frody I believe I may have bought my perfect cat litter, recommended by the owner and silica free. It's called, The World's Best Cat Litter :)

I recommend you all go venture out this week and visit some new green store you have been wanting to go to. If you don't know of one, go to www.greenopia.com for ideas. As I have mentioned before in a previous article, what is great about patronizing these establishments, besides using our purchasing dollars to support them and grow their business which in aggregate supports the entire green movement, is that the people working really know what's up. They can guide you and give you recommendations. I also feel validated in seeing so many products by companies trying to make a difference from the standard. Watch out though, it may actually make you a little angry to know there are so many options that are not carried in traditional stores yet.

One more word of advice … please always keep thinking about what you are purchasing (supporting). I have to do this myself. The point of "all natural" is an excellent example. The term sounds good but it's not regulated and so we don't know what that means. Organic is regulated so you can feel secure in that although organic only means it's a minimum 95% unless it says it's 100% organic. Just because it's natural doesn't mean it's good for us. Just think :) It reminds me of another thought and conversation I had with Ken. We prepared a gourmet raw feast last week with some friends which was heavily loaded with nuts. Although organic nuts are natural doesn't mean we should eat them all day long as our only meal. Think about it like this … just because there is natural peanut butter doesn't mean we should eat a jar of it a day –I don't care who you are, that would not be healthy . Similarly, just because any other product says it's natural doesn't mean we should blindly put our faith into it's unsupervised use.

Venture out, think, and be healthy.

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