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Happy Hearts Fund is REBUILDING SCHOOLS in HAITI! Happy Hearts (HHF) helped the children of Haiti in 2007 by building an IT lab and again, we are there working with the people of this Caribbean nation in the next phase of rebuilding their country.

HHF concentrates it's efforts on the rebuilding stages of areas devasted by natural disasters. The post disaster recovery focuses on a sustainable long term plan, aimed at bringing happiness back to children's livesthrough educational and sustainable programs, such as micro-credit initiatives that will support the projects. HHF has built more than 46 schools in 8 countries impacted by tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods in Thailand, Peru, Indonesia and Mexico with additional programs in India, New Orleans, Sri Lanka and Haiti. Currently, we are building Francisco Perez Acampa School, set to be completed this spring and Rosa de Santa Maria School, also slated to be completed in the spring. More then 12,000 children and 250,000 community members benefit annually!

Supporting children and their communities through the reconstruction of their communities after natural disasters is a critical component in the rebuilding of a country. This kind of effort bulids not only long term benefits, but empowers the community with the essence of education, unity and pride. Children that are uneducated are more susceptible to violence, human trafficking and abuse. Our programs are geared at helping children integrate back into their communities, build self esteem while exploring their intelligence and their gifts.

Happy Hearts Fund collaborates with NGO's, local municipalities, banks, universities, private companies, schools and people like you. It is through mutual collaboration that we are able to succeed in our mission to "Bring Happiness Back!" to the children of devastated areas.
Founded in 2006 by Petra Nemcova, after surviving the 2004 tsunami, she now relieves the suffering of victims of natural catastrophes through her organization, Happy Hearts Fund.

The Board of Directors underwrites all administrative and fundraising expenses, to ensure that 100% of public funds are directly used to build schools and new infrastructures for education.

What you can do NOW:

Visit: HappyHeartsFund.com
Twitter:  @HappyHeartsFund 
Become a fan: Facebook Fanpage 
Text to Give: Text "HEART" and reply YES to give $5 
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