Handmade Halloween fun

Combine fashion with handmade and what do you get? Fun, hip ideas with individual flair. Here's a hint: when it comes to handmade, no website does it as well as Etsy. Whether you're looking for clothes, shoes, jewelry or gifts, if someone makes it by hand, you'll find it there.

And our favorite online magazine for promoting handmade is, hands down (pun intended) Viva La Moda. And it's not just because we're contributors. While not everything at Viva can be labeled eco-friendly, at the very least, what you see here is made by hand, usually by someone you can "meet" virtually. So you can always ask about eco-friendly materials. Personally, we've found that when we do that, these artisans often begin to move into researching eco-friendlier materials, if not high tailing it into production. 

The latest issue of Viva la Moda is just out and in it is our article showcasing the most adorable gifts for Halloween ghosts and goblins. Most of them are likely too expensive to hand out to every little princess and policeman who knocks at your door, but if you're giving a party and offering small gifts to take home or for prizes, you've got it sewn up! These are all under $18 with some available for substantially less.

Take a look and let us know if you're as sold on handmade as we are!


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