Hairspray Recipe From The Kitchen

Many chemicals make up a bottle of hairspray.  Some of them unpronounceable like the toxic chemicals found on The Dirty Dozen. By creating your own hairspray from your kitchen, you avoid those harmful chemicals. Far from your grandmother's aerosol hairspray, this is actually edible.

Photo by: Gabriel Cravajal

Orange and Rum Hairspray
It doesn't sound like much of a beauty product but hairspray is nothing more than chemicals that tighten the curls a little by making your hair a little sticky. The bonus from our homemade concoction is that good feeling knowing that there are no harmful ingredients involved.


  • 1 orange
  • 2 cups tap water
  • 1 ounce of rum


  1. Chop up Orange in pieces
  2. Place Orange in a pan and pour the water over the chopped pieces
  3. Boil water until there is about 1 cup of liquid left in the pan
  4. Using a sift to separate the mashed oranges, pour liquid in a bowl
  5. Add rum
  6. Let cool & pour into a spray bottle


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