Guatemalan Jadeite – the eco-sophisticated jewelry you can feel good about

The beauty of jadeite, known in Mesoamerican cultures as the "Eternal Stone,"  has been revered for thousands of years from Asia to the Americas. Jadeite, most commonly throught of as bright green, is actually found in many colors including: lavender, white, black, mint green, midnight green, rainforest green, and galactic gold (black with gold).


Until 1974, when jadeite was re-discovered in Guatemala, Burma was almost exclusively the world's source for jadeite. Conscious consumers not wanting to support the illigitimate regime of the Junta by purchasing jadeite jewelry will be excited to learn about Jadexchange.

Jadexchange is a premier distributor of Guatemalan jadeite. Under the direction of Cara Lyn Giovanniello, Jadexchange is not only working to bring social and environmental resposponsibility to the jewelry sector, but is contributing to sustainable development in Guatemala. Extraction of the Guatamalan jadeite is done so with sincere consideration of environmental impact and to the benefit of communities in Guatemala where the jadeite can be found. Unlike most other gemstones, the harvesting, cutting and polishing of Jadeite all occurs in-country, thereby providing much needed economic stimuli.

Why wear a boring string of pearls with that little black dress when you can wear a Jadeite bead necklace? Jadeite adds a unique, sophisticated and fabulous element to any outfit. Through May 31st receive free shipping and pay no sales tax on all purchases made through the newly launched Jadexchange online store!  

Author: Meghan Connolly Haupt is the founder and principal of C5 sustainable fine jewelry offering custom design services and ready-to-wear pieces that you can feel good about.

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