Growing Green without the marks

the unbearable lightness
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Well; I am now happily into my 5th month of pregnancy, with no bad symptoms to speak of…yet! As my belly continues to grow and grow, I am loving to rub it, and feel the new little man inside kick and move about. But I am worried about one belly thing, the stretch marks…ugh. That is one thing about this new round look that I don't like. I of course have done my homework, all the fancy oils, etc- but then I stumbled upon this fabulous belly-stick: Tummy Honey Stick. YES- a portable, organic lovely little belly chapstick like stretch mark preventer! It's fast and easy to apply and won't get under your fingernails!

This lightly cocoa butter scented stretch mark prevention stick has a solid, oil-based formula that penetrates deep into the skin layers, maintaining skin moisture and elasticity for several hours The convenient 3oz stick fits easily in your purse so you can use it anytime your tummy itches! This wonderstick is made by Bella B Natural Body Care and utilizes the highest quality clinically-proven ingredients available while maintaining the integrity of clean, natural formulations free of petroleum, mineral oils and parabens (artificial preservatives)….so I am happily rubbing my belly down with this natural will highly recommend this to any "mother becomings"!

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