Green Wedding Resources

So you were recently, engaged? Congratulations!

Even if you weren’t recently engaged and like looking at wedding resources, this may be of interest to you. I have scoured the web to find what I think are the best resources for planning a green wedding that won’t break the bank.

Here they are:


Eco-Beautiful Weddings:

This is an excellent blog with a new e-magazine. It lists a lot of vendors and many DIY ideas to keep costs down.  


The Knot:

While The Knot is not a traditionally green wedding site, there are some great resources in their “Green Weddings” section.  


The Broke-Ass Bride:

Interesting suggestions on how to go green on a budget from someone who did it herself! 


Planet Green’s – How to Go Green: Weddings:

Talks about everything from keeping your wedding small to finding eco-friendly vendors.  

Here are some general rules to creating the smallest footprint for your wedding:


  1. The smaller the wedding, the smaller the environmental impact is. More people eat more food, and use more resources – it’s that simple!
  2. The closer the wedding is to home, the less fuel is wasted.
  3. If you would like to use fresh flowers, seek out organic ones. Flowers made of recycled paper are another option.
  4. Serve organic wine and food as much as possible.
  5. Search out eco-friendly favors (e.g. flower seeds, organic tea, etc.) or don’t give them out at all!
  6. Consider registry gifts that are friendlier to the environment. You can even consider gifts to your favorite environmental charity in lieu of traditional gifts.

The rules above are simple suggestions for having a green wedding. You and your partner will probably have your own eco-friendly touches you would like to add. Remember, it is your special day, so have fun with it!

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