Green Wedding Registry for Eco Brides & Grooms

Did you know that, according to the “What’s on Brides’ Minds” 2009 survey by David’s Bridal, almost half of all brides (48%) are committed to going green this year, and this includes registering for eco-friendly products?

Well, your prayers have been answered.  Finally, a well-organized, modern registry for green brides and grooms.  Kate Harrison has done it again!  I absolutely love the simplicity and ease of use of the Green Bride Guide’s green wedding registry.  Forget wasting the gas and time it will take to wander from aisle to aisle in your local department store trying to piece together, with no rhyme or reason, various selections for your newlywed home.  Instead, get the eco home accessories you want the easiest way imaginable…online!  It’s the easiest way to start going green in your new life together…while letting those that love you help you along the way.

In this incredible new wedding registry, you’ve got endless ways to shop…catered to the way you uniquely think and buy as a couple. Shop by color, room, object and even eco-commitment.  That’s right, want FSC-certified products in your home?  No problem!  Looking for handmade or made in the USA?  Absolutely!  However YOU prefer to shop, there’s an easy-to-use search function made just for you.  Oh, and even better?  You get everything you register for with FREE carbon neutral shipping!!!  Fabulous darling!

So what can you find in this new green wedding registry?

  • Non-toxic cookware
  • Recycled wine glasses
  • Earth-friendly fine china
  • Quality, recycled and sustainable wood tables
  • Recycled kitchen tools and items
  • Organic bedding
  • Lots, lots more!

What does Founder of Green Bride Guide, Kate Harrison, have to say about this incredible resource for eco wedding couples? “Guests spend $19 billion a year on wedding gifts,” said Kate L. Harrison, Founder and CEO of the Green Bride Guide. “Our new website offers couples the opportunity to use their wedding registry to support environmentally-conscious businesses. We offer hundreds of pre-screened environmentally responsible and affordable choices couples can feel good about adding to their wish list, without sacrificing style or quality….The idea is to provide shoppers with as much information as possible so they can make informed decisions about the products they are buying,” said Harrison. “Every product is hand-picked by our team and carefully screened to avoid ‘greenwashing,’ the practice of passing off non-green products as eco-friendly.”

Kathy DalPra is owner/designer of Green Diva eco friendly jewelry boutique.

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