Green Valentine’s Day Gifts on a Budget

Need some help picking out Valentine's Day gifts for your sweetheart? It can be difficult, especially when looking for an eco-friendly gift. While not consuming anything new is probably the greenest option, here is my list of some pretty green, affordable V-Day gifts:


Organic Flowers

Flowers are a classic gift for Valentine's Day. They can come as a nice surprise at home or delivered to your partner's place of employment. Organic Bouquet sells a variety of organic flowers that will be sure to delight. This Crimson Petite Bouquet is gorgeous and under $30. Flowers can be gifts for guys, too!



Photo credit: Organic Bouquet


Organic, Fair Trade Chocolates

Sjaak's Organic Chocolates sells a nice variety of chocolates, some of which are organic and fairly traded. For Valentine's Day, their Vegan Nuts & Chews Chocolate Assortment looks delicious. Besides being fairly traded and organic, it is vegan and only $9.95 for the box. They can even gift wrap it for you for extra money. If you have a local, non-chain chocolate shop in your area, they may have some nice options also.



Photo credit: Sjaak Organic Chocolates


Dinner In or Out!

If the two of you have a local restaurant you love, then going out for Valentine’s Day is often a nice idea. Even better, stay in and make a nice dish that you would not normally make! Grab a bottle of organic wine and light some eco-friendly candles. If you don’t have organic wine available in your area, you could try ordering online from The Organic Wine Company.


Spa at Home

Since going to a spa can be very expensive and, depending on where you live, hard to find organic products, why not have a spa experience at home for Valentine’s Day? I like Bolla Soaps natural (mostly organic) massage oils and bath salts. Indigo Wild’s Zum Whiff Sticks Diffuser Sets in natural scents like lavender can make for a relaxing holiday.


Photo Credit: Indigo Wild

I hope these ideas were helpful to you!


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