Green Pregnancy Must-Haves

Chose organic pregnancy-friendly body products like the ones by Lu Sa or Earth Mama Angel Baby.

Both make a line of organic and nontoxic products for pregnant and postpartum mamas as well as their babies. Any of their products would be great choices.

Because cotton is the most heavily pesticide coated crop in our country, it is important to wear organic choices when pregnant. Hemp, bamboo and wool are other options. Avoid synthetic fabrics as they are made with chemicals. To add softness, waterproofing or any other attribute to textiles, chemicals are used. These can be absorbed through the skin being the body’s largest organ. In addition, we can inhale them. Most of us are wearing toxins every day without realizing it.

If you look, you can find some very stylish choices made from organics.


Japanese Weekend- the organic cotton yin yang top

This top is gorgeous and organic. What is not to love? The gathering on the sides and front paired with the diagonal front seems make for a very slimming look. This works by drawing the eye upward while gently hugging your bump.

    Annee Mathew Front-Rouched Bamboo Top found at

This is a must-have for obvious reasons. Gorgeous. There are many more lovely organic finds to be had at! Check it out mommas. It is one of my favorite orgnanic maternity shopping sites.

The Buxom Organic Maternity Bra by Majamas. This will serve as a great nursing bra as well, but for now, it is a comfortable option for pregnant breasts. You can even sleep with it on and it is recommended to wear a sleeping bra to avoid too much stretching of the breast tissue. This one is perfect. Find it at


An organic body/ maternity pillow. The bigger the belly, the trickier it is to find the right sleep position. Curling up in a contoured pillow like this will work wonders but be mindful of the fibers and fabric used. Since you’ll be sleeping 8 hours with this pillow, make sure it isn’t full of chemicals.

Organic sheets and blankets are important as well for the same above mentioned reasons. has a great selection of organic bedding and nontoxic mattresses. So does


  Green Smoothie Revolution – Trust me ladies, this is the easiest and often times most pleasant way to get in all the superfoods so crucial for proper body function. Green smoothies can taste quite delicious or quite terrible and since the ingredients aren’t cheap, better to have a recipe book handy when you begin blending. Infact, today I fell victim to a chlorella smoothie mishap and choked it down because it was too expensive and too nourishing to throw away. Needless to say, I did NOT follow a recipe. Let’s all to learn from my mistake because…. Ewww!

An organic mindset. Eat, sleep and wear organic when pregnant. Since you are on, you may very well be doing some if this already and your baby is so fortunate to have you as his momma! He will be exposed to less pesticides, flame retardants, parabens, PVC, phthalates and PBA in utero because of your positive choices. Feel good about that. It’s empowering to take such good care of BOTH your sprout and yourself.

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