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I think my shift in consciousness in regards to my lady business took place after my good friend, Tess Whitehurst (hyperlink), recommended the book Cunt to me. Yes, Cunt –I said it. That is the actual name of the book.

I liked Cunt because the author, Inga Muscio, made the argument that as women, we should reclaim the word cunt. She argued that Cunt is a strong word and got manipulated over time to take on not just negative, but the worst of connotations. Take cunt back she said, and let us, as women own it proudly. Calling my “kitty” a “cunt” is not my preference, however, she made a point that we should not settle for some man approved clinical term, such as vagina. (I decided later I would refer to mine as a protea, an Hawaiian flower, though named after a Greek god, is a bold flower with all it’s reproductive elements exposed. A dancer at the time, I felt that this term was best suited for my exhibitionist ways and also might symbolize the unification vs. duality of spirit).

Inga’s scope was broader though, arguing that we should reclaim and own our entire womanhood. She asked why we are ashamed when we are on our cycle; why we don’t honor and cherish this time that occurs every month (at minimum a few times a year). She referenced cultures where girls go through a coming of age ceremony that would mark the beginning of a span of years where they would honor the time of month when they were reminded of their incredible woman power; the reproduction of our species. She said we, in our culture today, should do the same. [more]

I read Cunt maybe four years ago and I subscribed immediately to the precept that we should honor and love ourselves completely and not disgrace our gift with thoughts of inconvenience, or words such as “rag”, or feelings of shame and embarrassment. Screw the guys if they are uncomfortable…. I decided I would claim my blessing with dignity and for my own. This was a shift of consciousness for me. I realized then that I had bought into some other system blindly. I had bought into years of established products and marketing, created mainly by men. Watch an episode of MadMen if you have not become cognizant of this truth

I had already switched from Tampax to OB due to marketing. I suppose prior to Cunt, I had bought into the marketing of OB claiming it was made by a woman, for women. Something along those lines anyway. And although I wouldn’t say I was an environmental activist by any means back then, I did recognize that there was less packaging and I liked that. This time period however was probably 6 or maybe even 7 years ago. Today I am on a new kick ….

I think it was when I started studying yoga that I also began paying more attention to health. This was about 4 or 5 years ago. I started seeking out more natural products and overall, making more conscious choices when I felt I needed to make a purchase or a purchasing decision. I started going out of my way to purchase goods whenever possible at stores I felt carried a larger selection of products I sought. I wanted to support their business, their commitment to bringing us these options, and then there was just the “why not? … businesses that carry a larger selection of the goods I sought made it easier for me. So even though I might inconvenience myself to go to one of these stores, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, local natural shops in Santa Barbara, Ojai, Cardiff (wherever I happened to be) …there was still an element of convenience once I got there – a selection of items I sought and a showcase of alternatives to aid in the evolution of consciousness as to the possibilities of living a more natural lifestyle. So that was my long-winded way of saying that’s how I first realized there were tampon alternatives such as Seventh Generation, who uses organic (meaning pesticide free) and no chlorine or bleaching process. The switch was easy as I had already been using OB non-applicator tampons for years.

Just switching to Seventh Generation, with their mission statement taken from the Great Law of the Iroquois, which states “In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decision on the next seven generations”, helped instill in me that with EVERYTHING I do, I must think ahead by at least seven generations. That places accountability on you when you think that way. Who needs a personal dictatorial god or government body telling you such things if you place the responsibility on yourself just with your own consciousness/ conscience? That kind of thinking almost forces you to think of all of humanity and the world biosphere as an integrative unit. In projecting your thoughts on such a grand scale constantly, habits change, at very least, gradually.

Cunt had also opened my eyes to other forms of absorbing our potent outflow for the month, such as reusable cups, sea sponges, and cloth pads. I remembered wanting to investigate these other options. I believe that I could have found such items online (which of course you can, I suggest the website for GladRags. As with everyone on this planet, there is only so much you can do in a day and although I had shifted my perspective in regards to my “moon time”, it still to this day has been gradual, the honoring of my expectance of it. That’s a fancy way me trying to say I kept forgetting to investigate as rarely is my moon time my daily priority, and I wasn’t being inundated with the exposure to such alternatives even when I did visit alternative stores. Out of sight, out of mind –fortunately and unfortunately –so the saying goes.

Recently I was in Boulder, Colorado for a The Crystal Method show. Ken and I were walking through the town when we came across a homeopathic pharmacy. We had to buy a few items unrelated to any lady business of mine –we just needed a few items for our short stay at the Boulderado. It was while we were in there that I came across The Keeper. I had remembered it from Cunt. I was determined to find one when I got back to L.A.

Instead of The Keeper, I found a new competitor to The Keeper called The Diva Cup. I found The Diva Cup at the Santa Monica Whole Foods off of Wilshire originally. I sought it out later at three other Whole Foods closer to my house, but what I found out is you can order it from them if you cannot find one, which you won’t until demand for the product increases. Or you can always order one online. And so this story leads to the present day where I am currently on my cycle and using my new product gleefully.

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