Green Girls Make it Happen – Dreams Do Come True

If you want to achieve the goals you've set for yourself and for your green business, my best recommendation for you is to join a mastermind group or find a coach to keep you accountable. Once we make the commitment to succeed in our business, I believe that many different paths open up to us. 


Get Support and Accountability for your Goals.


It does you no good to set a goal and leave it. A goal with no plan is basically just a wish. However, when you have someone else with outside ability to examine your process, give you feedback, and check in on a regular basis, you succeed.

Let's face it, without an external deadline or some other level of accountability, most of us find our goals sliding away. For example, every January I make a challenge to myself and to others in my circle to commit to certain goals in the year. By now (September), most people have dropped the commitment, forgotten, or have become too busy with other things.

I started a coaching relationship with Rob Seidenspinner in 2006. I credit many of the most recent positive changes in my life to his method and the process of checking in with him on a regular basis.


Coaching is not for everyone – you have to find someone who "fits" your style and with whom you feel comfortable establishing the trust entailed. You also have to be ready to actually take steps based on the issues that arise in your discussions.


For me, through having Rob as an external source of accountability, I was able to "kickstart" some of the many things I needed to change in my life.


Many of those things have definitely changed in the last three years, including receiving green certification and incorporating sustainable practices into our personal and professional lives, a move to another state, the publication of my first book, a major increase (triple and sometimes quadruple) the average amount of our new business accounts, and a more specific sense of purpose and effectiveness in my life.


While I don't believe having a coach made these things happen for me, I do believe that having to consistently commit to these goals and work on them daily and weekly, with the sense of a deadline (my weekly appointment) gave me focus, drive, and determination to make things happen. From my own research, dreams do come true.


I believe that when you have a dream, and it sustains you and nurtures you, from childhood onwards, then that dream is what you are meant to be doing in your precious time on the planet.


It's important to develop a dream, visualize it, and believe it. In most cases that I've studied, people people nurtured their dreams, and believed in the power of their dreams so much, that when opportunities came their way, they were physically, mentally, and spiritually ready to go forward.


We have work to do, ladies!  "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step."


Evaluate your situation, commit to your success, and find accountability for your goals. You will see more and more opportunities opening up for you to share your unique gifts and talents.

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