Green Girl On Tour With The Crystal Method (Part 1)

Below are some of my stories from the road.  I wanted to share our experiences, the successes we had, observations we made by city, and also our struggles and what we thought we could do better next time or what we need to work on.  I think it’s important to disclose what you go through so it doesn’t seem unattainable.  The green path is one of choice and trial.  You don’t all of a sudden one day say I am going to be green and everything is easy –you have to try –you have to think –you have to want to challenge yourself.  It’s not easy but it’s more rewarding than the emptiness felt succumbing to powers you don’t even know you are under the influence of because you never stop to figure it out.

Janine Johnson & Ken Jordan
Ken sports 7 Bolt Lightning organic Tee @ SF sustainability minded restaurant, Chow (on Church)

Here’s my first tale:

Green Girl on Tour (Part 1): Preparing for the road & Biodiesel woes

I had known I would probably be going out on tour with The Crystal Method for some time as Ken had hinted to me quite awhile back. I did not make any plans to go until he formally asked me though which ended up being only a few weeks before the tour.

TOMS Shoes
My trusty TOMS

One of the first things I did was figure out a strategy of how I would survive the tour bus life.  I figured I would just simplify myself the best I could.  That meant, not packing “for every occasion” but to go mainly with t-shirts, jeans, and my trusty TOMS and Meghan track jacket.  I also wanted to not carry a lot of products.  I wanted to be as simple as possible –so I figured I would use only bar soaps for face and for hair (as they have special shampoo soap bars now as sold by Green and Greener –Ken had bought me the chamomile one as part of my birthday present –I figured this would be the perfect chance to try it out).  Instead of conditioner, I decided to only bring my bottle of super concentrated Moroccan hair treatment. I thought tour might also be the perfect opportunity for me to get off of traditional deodorants.
  I have been using either the crystal or one of the many brands you get a green store or Whole Foods for a few years but I wanted something even more natural that didn’t incorporate the use of a plastic container.  So I decided this might be my chance –I was going to be around a bunch of boys anyway right?  I would use a combo of witch hazel and tea tree oil instead.   I also paid a visit to Green and Greener to stock up on organic cotton swabs, and purchase a small roll on perfume from Sumbody. I didn’t want to bring a bottle of something with me on tour.

Truth be told, I think I still ended up with more bags than I needed.  I would recommend, as Ken recommended to me “one day bag and one suitcase”.  I think I ended up with two suitcases, my bathroom case, my make-up case, and a few day bags, my Green Wave gear, and my travel hula hoop.  Hey … I tried.  I remember one night on tour confessing to Scott how I was getting terrible sleep . He was up in arms after looking at my bunk filled with “day bags” (which included my laptop, camera, and bags of books).  Tour rookie … Scott did show me and explain thoroughly why I should have a less cluttered bunk –it was based on personal experience and subtle hints about Feng Shui.  Got it. Thanks Scott J

So anyway, I had only 2 weeks before the tour and I basically dropped everything to prepare for it.  I was going to get the guys styled out in eco-threads, I was going to do research into finding local environmental organizations for our “eco-table” (which I will expound on later), and I was going to try and green the tour through recycling protocol and … maybe biodiesel???!!!

It seems as if Ken and I had just seen the movie Fuel in Santa Monica.  We were both completely inspired by this movie to do something about it.  “Change your fuel, change the world” –love it!
  Really, I feel we as people can even apply this motto to food, thoughts, the way we breathe…

First things first, we wanted to try and get the bus to run on biodiesel.  Ken made a call only to get shot down.  We dug deeper and we found out that if we ran on biodiesel, we then could only use biodiesel from there on out, as interchanging fuels would shock the system mechanics. We were also told that it wasn’t so much of “can we put biodiesel in or not?” but one of a logistical nightmare as there are liabilities with bus drivers driving at night, and mom and pop biodiesel stations not being open.  The only way to do it would be to either people follow us that would collect biodiesel during the day or have a tanker follow us but that kind of defeats the purpose…

I had all sorts of glorified visions of finding two hippie fans that might want to run a VW biodiesel van behind us painted in eco-friendly paints that both promoted the film and TCM.  Trust me … I was “putting it out there” … the co-founder of NextAid, Lauren, her husband teaches how to make biodiesel to high school students.  I spoke with him … I spoke with people he referred me to … I even spoke with The Fuel Film people … it just could not happen (at least in that short 2 week window I had).  We gave that thought every last effort though, I assure you.

To be continued …

Learn more about Janine at Green Wave Enterprises.

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