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I checked out my first Green Drinks event on Wednesday, July 15. It was held on the fabulous patio of Tavern on the Green (NYC). The location name is only oh-so appropriate for the actual event. Under the stars and hundreds of lanterns dangling from the trees, with a band playing just the right amount of music to set the mood, a garden full of people met and mingled over the one thing they all have in common: being green.

For those who are not familiar, Green Drinks is a monthly social networking event for global change. The mix of people ranges from of NGOs, academia, government and business. Basically, if you are interested in the planet, you belong. Chapters have been set up in countries and cities around the world and the phenomenon is expanding. The New York City Chapter was started in 2002 by Margaret Lydecker, a long-time sustainability advisor, who set out to meet and mix with environmentally-minded people after relocating to New York. The premise is Attend, Engage, Connect. Very simple.

I must say, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect going in but it was a real pleasure to see so many people from so many walks of life who actually seem to care about the cause. It’s like; the green thing is really catching on. Some may say, of course, it’s been catching on for a while now, but sometimes you really have doubts. These doubts stem from the backlash, be it political or social, that the green movement still seems to get.

I’m sick of hearing that because of the recession, it’s too expensive to be green and “oh, I have much bigger things to worry about.” Really? You have bigger things to worry than not having air or clean drinking water… Really?? Do you want to go back to living in the Stone Age with no resources to use when all you have to do is alter your thinking and habits in the slightest way to make a difference? Really??? When the overall impact can actually save serious money?

Oh that’s right, we’ll all be moving off to Mars anyway and have a new place to destroy, after all, it’s so easy to get to – just a flight away… that takes about 520 DAYS!!!
I understand that for some, in these hard times, being green can seem harder to do but too many use tough times as an excuse – that is not acceptable!

I digress; the evening was a success from my perspective. Not only was it a lovely evening in one of the most spectacular locations on Manhattan island, but I met some interesting people and made some contacts that I will certainly follow up on. When the goal is the same, everything else just flows.

You could feel the energy in the air and it seemed like one of those nights where not only were contacts made, but ideas were shared and I’d even go so far as to say love connections developed. There is something enchanting about being in the open air in Central Park in the summer – pure magic!!

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