Green Awakening

I have to admit, I'm one of those annoying people who jumps up in the morning in a good mood.  I've been told that I should find a way to bottle and distribute that energy.  Well, the secret is that I'm fired up in the morning because I can hear my coffee brewing downstairs, and I simply can't wait to crank up the tunes, jump in shower, and get my eco-friendly day started!


When I step into the bathroom I'm inspired by the green spa-like surroundings.  The bathroom has been renovated with a reclaimed wood "live edge" counter top and vanity, and slate tile.  We used non toxic paint, a recycled mirror from a local vintage sale, a bath mat made from recycled wine bottle corks, an eco-friendly shower curtain, and organic towels.


Bath1  vanitytall countertop 


We installed an Aquasana shower filter.  I absolutely adore this product and immediately noticed healthier hair and skin. 


Sink faucet aerators were also added, I highly recommend this easy and inexpensive step toward water conservation.



Bathroom 003 


It just feels good inside and out to use organic products and support enviromentally responsible companies.  For example, Preserve recycles #5 plastics to manufacture their products.  I even found a recycling bin at my local Whole Foods Market.  Yogurt cups are recycled to create my razor and toothbrush, fabulous!


Here's to your green awakening!



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