Green Alternative to Diamonds

As the devastating environmental impacts of the diamond industry become more obvious, conscious consumers are seeking out alternatives in alignment with their environmental values. Today, consumers can have beautiful jewelry they can feel good about.

Green Alternative to Diamonds

Zultanite, a rare gem exclusively found in Turkey, only hit the market a few years ago, but it is increasingly becoming the gem of choice for engagement rings.

Zultanite is a unique color changing gem that turns from pale green to champagne to raspberry pink in different lighting. This exquisite stone has a higher refraction index than a diamond (which means it gives off more sparkle) and is durable for everyday wear.

Zultanite is as sustainably-sourced as it is stunning. The world’s known supply of the gem is controlled by a single company, which means greater control over the production and trade. Zultanite is recovered using only environmentally safe mining techniques and the Zultanite company believes they are having a positive economic impact in rural communities surrounding the mining site. Workers receive housing and meals as part of their employment and the mine is lined with recycled automobile tires as an added safety precaution.

Author: Meghan Connolly Haupt is the founder and principal of C5 sustainable fine jewelry offering custom design services and ready-to-wear pieces that you can feel good about.

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