Green Activism: Keeping An Opened Mind For Centered Decisions

To all the concerned activists of Green Girl world

Yesterday I was sent an email from an old friend. The email was nearly frantic about a new bill being introduced into the legislature. Although I was in that moment seriously disturbed, I also felt compelled to do more research. I have my organizations I hold with great respect, and the initial source for this information was not one of them.

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I am a huge advocate of taking action. I say let’s get political, make calls, and speak up! However, we cannot be alarmists. I’ve definitely been one before and I felt like an idiot. Don’t be that person; it’s not fun. So, we just need to check our sources or do a cross check especially when something doesn’t feel right. Before making a decision on your action. Let’s not become an ignorant mob when people decide to play on our fears (which is what a lot of internet hype is doing right now). On this particular issue I personally feel more disarmed after doing some research.

So what was all the concern over? It was in reference to HR 875 a bill called the Food Safety Modernization Act. It seems the bill was introduced by the Democratic Senator of Connecticut, Rosa DeLauro, and not written by Monsanto as the hysteria on the internet is suggesting. The concern was that this could put small organic farmers out of business and the "food police" could come arrest you for an organic garden in your backyard. As I had mentioned before, when I first got the email I felt outraged immediately but I had a weird feeling about it since this just seemed too outrageous and very strange that I had not heard anything from what I consider credible sources.

There is a consumer group called Food and Water Watch. I actively participate in signing their petitions and I found it odd that they did not send out a warning to me. If they felt it had interests of Agribusiness in mind, they would send out a warning. I also feel that RAN (the Rainforest Action Network) would have sent something out as well since they are active in all issues pertaining to gross corporate power and I have received petitions by them in regards to the giants of Agribusiness.

I will be the first to say that I would not put anything past big Agribusiness to be pulling shenanigans, however, I feel there are organizations devoted to being our watchdog. Food and Water Watch dedicates their entire day to making sure we know what is going on behind the scenes on the food and water safety fronts, and they have not red flagged this legislation. If they had, I would have received an email from them calling upon their e-newsletter troops to sign a petition. I would still encourage people to call their Senators to voice their opinions or try to get more information, however, I am feeling today that this could be helpful legislation but like many things may need some more tweaking.

Before making decisions in general, I would recommend taking a moment for some deep breathing, calming yourself down, centering yourself for maybe a short meditation. When you are done, take another minute to let the feeling of peace around you linger a moment longer so you can appreciate it. Allocate some time to do some background work on whatever important issue you want to make a decision on while attempting to maintain your peace and not let stress and worry creep back in. Start to think from this centered place and realize we have the ability to change things in our life if only we speak up and act.

To be a responsible greenie we do have to realize that we need to be active, we need to be political. We should be thankful that we are in a country are allowed an opinion on public matters in the first place. It's a great privilege to be able to vote and we should see taking a stand on issues by petitions or by voting not as a burden but as an honor to protect our beautiful world.

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