Goodbye Fur!

I don't know where the picture is that started the debate but I do know what it was … I was wearing an old favorite that looks much like the white jacket you will see below. I posed the question on Twitter, "Hey, what do you think? Should I ditch the fur or not, even if it's not real?" The replies were equal: "if it's fake it doesn't matter to it's still promoting fur." I asked because I was starting to feel that it was time to say Goodbye to Fur.

Goodbye, Fur!

It really sank in when my mother gave me a full length faux fur jacket. She gave it to me because she found herself never wearing it. I was reluctant to take it from her but it was kind of pushed on me and I decided I would "house it". Basically just to please her, I decided to wear it once this past year in what I considered an ingenious last minute, day before Halloween costume. Some people have referred to Obama as a socialist … Ken had an Obama t-shirt which he had received from Covenant Green during the elections and had not much time to sport. I took it a step further and playing on that theme I decided we would be "Commies" :) … he would wear the Obama t-shirt and I would wear that jacket. We just happened to have the perfect hats. So we lived it out, we have pictures … it's time to move on.

Sure it's all fake ... but what does this still say?
Sure it's all fake … but what does this still say?

The mixture of jackets you will see below in the first picture are mainly fake fur. The only real fur items I have are vintage, passed down items from my great grandmother or her sister. I did buy some real fur items even into my young 20's although mostly I bought faux fur. I was addicted to the look of fur and what fur represented. To me, fur meant. Fur was to me and still is to many, a status symbol because unfortunately the real thing is considered a luxury item. I honestly did not know quite the extent of the horrors of these poor animals PETA has gone to lengths to capture footage of to provide them a voice till just the last few years. I had an inkling, but I had never subjected myself to the full investigation. When I decided to start Green Wave, it was a personal commitment to look at what all the people I had once though of as white noise were actually saying. The more I delved into green world the more I wanted, and still want, to do in order to align my everyday life with my new values.

The world will not change unless we decide to be the change first. Our everyday actions affect the world. How can I expect the fur trade to end if I am still wearing what looks like fur? We are responsible for the way the world is. I, in what I choose to represent on my body sends a message even if it's subconsciously to everyone I know, and we all have people that look up to us, or envy us. That being said, our messaging should be responsible. We need to be strong and take measures to mitigate the suffering of this world. I cannot go around supporting PETA and then sport faux fur because there is a disconnect in the messaging, especially since some faux fur looks real. The people I don't know might not know it's fake and instead I perpetuate a trend I no longer believe in.

We must make something else the new status symbol. Ask yourself, what can you get rid of that serves as a disconnect with your new ideals? Be bold green girls! There are so many amazing looks we can herald that are eco-friendly. Check out EcoStilleto, Ecouterre, or Greenloop for hot new sustainable fashions. Be the change. We need YOU to be the new trendsetter!

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