Good Bye Mac (part 1 of a 3 part series)

No … not as in my computer , and not as in my long favorite make-up line I gave up not so long ago… No, Mac is the name I gave our old cow hide rug before I handed him over to a new Craigslist found owner today. The guy that picked it up asked if we had named it; I said no initially but then said "sure, it's name is Mac". Think fast food.


Sometimes you just have to say goodbye if you are going to be true to your values. More than that, change starts with each and every one of us, if we want to see change in the world, we first must be that change.

As my new fiance and I move closer to everyday veganism, we have found what used to be a sleek design rug to be more of a personal embarrassment at parties and a disconnect with our values. It was time to say goodbye.

Out with the old allows in for the new. We are looking forward to a new, sustainably produced rug made of some sort of eccentric or natural eco-material or a "new" vintage 70's shag rug -yeah baby!

I would challenge you to ask yourself what it is you free yourself of to live more true to what you believe. This is just a small gesture. We have some more to make, and some perhaps we will never be able to ( I'm not sure how to rid our lives of all the plastic, for instance). However, everything counts. So please, look around you; what is it that you can do today to live the life you believe in?


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