Go Green? Go NUTS.

Who knew that going nuts could be so much fun, and good for the environment too? 

If you want to be GREEN this year- one way to make an easy, low cost, and effective lifestyle change would be to use Soap Nuts for almost any cleaning task at hand including the following:

* Car Wash
* Laundry
* Dishwasher Liquid
* Glass Cleaner
* Jewelry Cleaner

Soap Nuts contain saponin, a natural detergent which is used to clean clothes. Soap nuts have become popular as an environmentally friendly alternative to manufactured, chemical detergents . A few nuts can be placed in a cotton drawstring bag in with a wash load and reused several times. Soap nuts are safe for washing silk, woolens and other delicate fabrics. I've use them for all of my laundry and they work extremely well, and due to the lack of any added chemicals they are as gentle as can be on the skin.

In addition to being a stellar cleaner soap nuts are also used medically and have some amazing health benefits. They are also used as a gentle insecticidal, in the remediation of contaminated soil, and to take the tarnish from precocious metals including silver.

SOAP NUTS SM Soap nuts can usually be found in any alternative health food store, but I am seeing them more regularly in main stream super markets.

I personally have used Maggies, which comes with a small cotton pouch to hold the nuts for each wash. They can also be purchased online in many places including http://www.naturoli.com/ which also offers additional tips, soap nut uses and other helpful information for allergy sufferers.

In a "nut" shell, Soap nuts are 100% natural, effective, and environmentally friendly. Go nuts, you'll be glad you did.

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